I think I have a thing for beige

Radio silence. Wow. I really need to catch you guys up. Don’t worry, I’ve been knitting every day (of course). I’ve got a couple of projects on the go at the moment.

First a recap of what I was (and still am but taking a quick commercial break from) working on.


Almost done with the left (or is it right?) front side of the Arpeggio Cardigan. It’s so soft and the big needles matched with the fine yarn makes it very airy.


For MFS I am over the halfway point (finally) on the front side. This would go a lot quicker if I would spend some time with it adding it on, but c’est la vie. I haven’t given up on it and I add the occasional row or two when I’m thinking of it. Sometimes I splurge and add a whole ball at a time.

I also frogged out those Christmas socks from months ago.


Remember these ones?

Well they became this.


Which became this. Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey


A more simple sock, but done on double points because I’ve decided that until I have (and probably even then) a chia goo or addi circ to do socks two up, I’m still a fan of my double points (even if they do tend to attack me on occasion).

Also this!


So much beige. I’ve been alternating between the two socks for interest and when one of them is being an ass. This one is called Petty Harbor.

And that’s that. I have a scarf in mind to work on once this pair of socks is done and I’m going to reknit the feet and toes of a pair of socks that my boyfriend has worn holes through the soles of. I have a whole extra ball of the color and it’ll give him three pairs in his rotation once they’re patched up (sure I could darn them, but they’ll last longer this way).

I’m sort of craving some lace though.


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