Dumb thumbs

I’m back! There wasn’t much to report on the mittens that seemed to last forever. Both bodies are done though.


I’ve finally decided to steam block them first, then wet block if need be. I’ve got a nice iron for this purpose.

The mittens are…stalled. Sort of?


I’m working on the thumbs, and I’m just continuing the patterning, but it’s really a giant pain in my rear. I have to continue the pattern up the front of thumb, and down the back. So I have to basically follow the chart up one way (and it starts on the oddest part of the chart) then follow it down the next, so I’m having serious issues keeping track of my place. So I’ve stopped carrying the mittens around in my bag. They are getting done a few rows at a time. The thumbs are small and shouldn’t really take this long, but I’m stalling and really ready to be done with these mittens. Next pair I’m doing stripy palms…. No charts necessary.

In protest I’ve started on my sweater.


217 cast on, down to 211 after the set up rows. I may or may not have threatened to stab someone with my needles while counting. I think you can’t hold what I do while counting against me after I’m done. I’m using this as my in class knitting and my at home knitting. The Harry Potter audiobooks are my backdrop while keeping an eye on the lacy charts.

I’m still making progress (sort of) on MFS. I’m still carrying it around with me at any rate, so it makes me feel slightly better about it. At least it’s not collecting dust in my yarn bin. One of my skeins (started on pre-ball winder I justify) sort of exploded into a big tangly blob in my purse. That was a major stopper in my progress, but I spend about three hours of my time untangling the mass and getting it in a center pull ball.

Thinking about it, I wonder how I’ve ever lived without a ball winder before this. My life was an empty shell.

Lastly, I have acquired two more balls of Paton’s worsted (a gift this time, I’m not gambling away my rent and bill money for yarn, I promise!) and I think I may have enough to do a nice colorwork hat. A hat sounds nice. Hats don’t have thumbs.


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