No mitten pictures today, although I will say that I have started the second mitten. I’m on the second set of braids out of the total four. After that it’ll just be colorwork which seems to fly by in comparison to the braids.

But I did peruse my local Goodwill. I was originally only there to buy a set of bowls. I did find those, but I also found a nice iron with an adjustable steam setting. This will work nicely for blocking.

I also found this sweater.


There was a hole between the neckband and the body of the sweater. I, being the good citizen I am, thought to myself that no one would want to buy this sweater for wearing with a hole in it.

I will preface this by saying that I check the Goodwill occasionally for yarn, but all of my findings thus far have been either A) acrylic or B) ungodly awful colors. Not to mention the wool I have found prior to this was not very soft. This sweater on the other hand was made from very soft 100% lambswool. I couldn’t pass it up. Not for $4.00. You can hardly buy a single skein of wool for that price, let alone enough for a man’s medium sweater. My compliments to the Gap.

The yarn was then assimilated with help of a sharp little pair of scissors and my ballwinder.


The yarn that the sweater was made from is a 2ply, and from what I can tell, since it’s clocking in at about 13WPI, a DK weight yarn. It’s a beautiful brown and while I did have to sacrifice some yardage, I can easily see this being more than enough for a women’s or child’s sweater of my choosing. It’s certainly enough for a hat/mitten set. I haven’t decided its fate yet, but for $4 I am more than happy to find out.


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