First mitten down, second mitten?

So, other than the thumb, I’ve finished the first mitten (which I suppose means it’s not really finished). But I haven’t decided what I’d like to do with it just yet, so I’m waiting until I have them both done to really contemplate it. I could do a solid black thumb, a thumb in pattern or a thumb with just an alternating black and light grey pattern. All are solid options.

Without further ado, the first of two Latvian mittens (with a little Scottish flair thrown in)

I’m doing a peasant thumb, but I just knit in a contrast that I’ll pull out and pick up the stitches later. The book told me to cast on fifteen, but I thought this would a lot less fuss (I wasn’t wrong either).

The obligatory inside photo of the floats

This is my first successful foray into the realms of colorwork. All previous attempts have hit the frog pond (among them an Alice Starmore. I know, high expectations). I’m really pleased with these though. I think the nylon certainly helps, as well as actually performing the technique correctly. There’s minimal (if any) puckering, and I think any unevenness should block right out. I think I’ve decided on wet blocking for the moment.

Also, this lovely came in the mail, along with 11 others just like it.


It’s very soft, and I’m excited to start on the sweater finally. I’m also the first to start the project on Ravelry, so I feel like I’m a pioneer. I am still working of MFS, but this will be dubbed MSS.

I’m going to do a couple of swatches on US5 and US6 needles, block them out and see what happens. And with that it ends (for now) my recent acquisitions.


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