Mittens, Mittens, Who’s got mittens?

I think I’m on a  mitten spree. Or something.

For starters, I cast on these bad boys. A second pair of thrums.


I’m using more Shepherd’s Wool, and this time I bought 40z  of Malabrigo roving. It’s deliciously squishy and makes me wish I could spin (don’t tempt me, or I might actually get a drop spindle).

I was knitting away at these, minding my own business, when out of nowhere (*cough*bookstore *cough*), this magazine just landed in my little hands.


So, here I am perusing it, thinking, to myself things like “oh, nice” and “that’s ok, but not my taste” when all of a sudden I open it to this page.


Quite literally, the first words out of my mouth were “Oh my god”. That was a telling moment. I needed this sweater. I needed this sweater like a man in the desert needs water. I couldn’t help myself. My debit card just sort of hopped out of my wallet and went on a shopping spree on Webs, Knitpicks, and Amazon. I was almost ashamed until this came in the mail.


Now I am held in the thrall of the Latvian Mittens, like so many before me. This book is a wealth of patterns. I just want to make all of the mittens. Or at least one mitten of each.

But for now I’m starting off with the Latgale pattern.


And to conclude, if anyone is wondering, I’ve also been working slowly away on MFS 2.0. It’s almost halfway done with the front/back/thing



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