The shawl has met its destiny. A bit early, but to be fair, I thought it would take quite a bit longer than it did. I held it aloft and had no idea how I would be able to just hide this pretty thing away for the five months until Mother’s Day. And then I promptly gave up that notion and just gave it to my boyfriend’s mom so I could show off. And here it is, to show off to all of you.

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: Crystal Palace Allegro Lace (3 ply light fingering)
Amount Used: 1.5-ish skeins. I haven’t measured the remaining ball to see how much I used, the amount is more than 225 yards, but less than 450.
Needles used: US4 (3.5mm)

This shawl was a very quick knit. I really enjoyed the pattern, and it was just challenging enough for me.

This was also my first time (gasp) blocking a knitted item. I know that I should have been doing it all along, but this is the first time it was mandatory.


Here it is, hanging out in my sink, taking a bath. I used a packet of scentless Soak. I made absolute sure there was no toothpaste or cleaning chemical residue on the walls of the sink or the plug before proceeding with the shawl. I just kind of poked it around a bit until it was all under the water, then well and left it alone for about 20 minutes or so.

I then took it from the water, gently squeezed out some water so it wasn’t dripping like a creature from the lagoon, and placed it on a clean towel


This was then promptly followed by rolling it up and then stepping on it like some sort of over priced massage.


And then the pinning. Oh, lord, the pinning. I admit, I am a novice and it took me a bit to get the hang of it all. Therefore, if a few of the pins aren’t quite straight, I blame it on inexperience. I laid the wet shawl on my bed, and straightened it out, stretching the top edge slightly. I threaded the waste yarn through the eyelets, since I don’t own blocking wires. Then I pinned the bottom point and start the painstaking process of pinning out the scallops. Granted, this shawl doesn’t exactly have that many points compared to some beautiful designs I’ve seen, but for a novice it was a process. I let my fan blow on the shawl to dry it a little faster, and all in all it only took 4.5 hours to be completely dry.



It’s a thing of beauty. My very first top down shawl. The bath and the pinning made this just so so soft. It is transformed before my eyes, and I’m amazed comparing it to what came off my needles. I’ve also voiced this opinion quite often to my boyfriend, whilst waving said shawl in his face, and then telling him to feel/look at/hold it.

My boyfriend’s mom really liked it, and I’m glad. This was a really great introductory piece to the wonders of lace knitting, and with how awesome the gratification on this piece was, it’s easy to see that she’ll have another one for Mother’s Day.



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