Like a cheesecloth

Just a quickie today to show you what’s finally off the needles now.


It looks like…well, it really doesn’t look very impressive yet. But this is just the before shot. We’ll get a real glamour shot when I block it. Alas, it’s a bit late in the day for that, and I don’t particularly fancy sleeping on a damp bed (as that’s the only room I have for blocking this beauty). But I have the wool wash and the pins and I’m raring to go. The shawl will have its day.

I’ll do a full and proper FO report once the blocking is done and we get some good modeled pictures. Funnily enough, this was supposed to be a Mother’s Day present (and it still is, don’t misunderstand me), but I just thought that I’d have to start it now if I ever wanted to finish it by then. I really miscalculated how entertaining the lace would be, how quickly I could finish it, and how the shawl pattern wasn’t as complex as I imagined. It was a very good starter shawl with just enough challenge to keep it interesting, but enough ease so I didn’t have to rip, scream, and throw it in the corner.


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