It rhymes with “Soup”

I’m making good progress on the shawl.


The second chart is completely finished. It was a bit of a slog towards the end, I admit, but now I’m onto other charts that only need repeating once. I think it’s going to block out really nicely.

On this leg of the shawl I’m trying my hand at nupps, which are in fact pronounced like soup, not like supper. It’s…interesting. From everything I’ve read and the tutorials I’ve watched on YouTube, I think I have the hang of them. I’ve been extremely careful to make them loose, and when I think they’re loose enough I make them just a tad looser. This, I believe is making them much easier when I purl them together later on.

They’re so cute. I got comments as I was knitting on it earlier to the effect of “How do you do that? I wouldn’t have the patience” (there were also comments calling my craft crochet, but that’s a rant for another time. Needless to say, the non knitters in question were gently corrected). I don’t think people really understand WHY we knit. The reasons are varied, but I can only suppose that non-knitters think that we just sit in rocking chairs, eschewing all company and other forms of entertainment for our knitting. For me, it’s because I don’t have patience that I knit, I think. If I have to wait, I find waiting much more pleasant if I have something to occupy myself with, therefore, knitting. I suppose I could ask these same people how they have the patience to play a video game to completion, how they manage to get through long car trips, or how they have the patience to read lengthy novels.

In other news, as my current location was near, I made another trip to the yarn store.



I have a thing for neutrals, me thinks.

The lace weight was a previous acquisition, but it hadn’t been shown off yet, so here it is. A nice baby alpaca 2 ply laceweight. I also got more Shepherd’s Wool, this time in off white and a big chunk of roving. They didn’t have any color combinations I liked in the small 1 oz bags, so I said fuck it (if you’ll pardon the expression), and just bought a 40z braid suited for spinning. It’s a nice hand dyed merino, and I love the different purples. It will make many nice thrummed items I am sure. I picked it because my boyfriend’s mom really liked my blue thrummed mittens and I figured I didn’t want her to steal them, so I’ll make her her own pair. I also, on perusal of the clearance section, found some lovely, soft chunky baby alpaca yarn from Cascade. It’s only just the one skein, and only 108 yards at that, but I felt like could give it a suitable home. It’s so soft and pretty, how could I tell it no? Not really enough for mittens in a chunky weight, possibly enough for a hat, but I think it will make me a very nice thick headband.

I might also add that this is the same yarn store that I acquired the Crystal Palace Allegro Lace, and heard them discussing how one of their employees had put a certain yarn with the lace weights when it was really a light fingering (which I have since surmised), and how just because it says “lace” on the label, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a laceweight. I intimated how I had purchased said yarn here, and they replied “See, the very same! A customer has already had a problem!” Not necessarily a problem, but at least the weight explains why I was only getting 225 yards per skein of the so called “lace” yarn. Just my luck to pick the only misplaced yarn in the store.


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