I told you all it was here, didn’t I? Sure enough, as soon as Christmas was done and the socks were distributed (disregarding that the boyfriend’s socks are still on the needles), I started a slew of new projects. It started innocently enough, just a quick pair of mittens, I told myself. Then I figured I had better get started on those pillows. And of course how could I forget the sweater languishing in my bag? And now this.


I wonder if anyone can place it.

It’s my first real piece of lace work. I’ve done odds and ends, a motif here or a dishcloth there, but this is my first honest to goodness lace project. I’ve compared it to the newly acquired 2ply laceweight in alpaca, and this merino seems to be a little on the heavy side for lace. Maybe a light fingering weight. It says it’s a lace yarn, so what do I know. It would explain how little yardage there is compare to weight, however.

I think I’ve been itching for a good long project, and this is really scratching the itch. It’s nice, difficult enough to need a chart, but easy enough to follow. Not too complex for the first time lace knitter, but enough of a challenge to keep me interested and satisfied with what’s coming off the needles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still charmed by the sweater, and I’ve been working a row here and a row there on it, but this is really just enchanting. I’ve been listening to “Jane Eyre” (a personal favorite of mine) on audiobook so I have some background noise to occupy me without having to constantly look between the screen and my chart.

This is going to be a nice shawl for my boyfriend’s mom for Mother’s Day this year. At the pace it’s going it’s really working up quite quickly, but I know that could change at any second as I keep adding more and more stitches.

I’m also pleased to announce the addition to my tool kit of these puppies.


Finally, my own ball winder and swift. Granted, the swift is sort of cheaply made and I’m sure I’ll upgrade it eventually, but at least it’s mine. No more volunteering someone unwillingly to hold my yarn or draping it around my knees and hoping that it doesn’t fall and become tangled. The ball winder is sort of standard issue, so no problems there. Now just to find a suitable set up for the pair in my apartment.


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