Almost had it

Winter, that is. We are now adrift in a big pile of snow that got dumped on us. A few days late for my tastes even. Here I thought all this winter knitting was going to put the whole thing off, so I’d never even need my knitting. The irony of it all. But alas, I am not a strong enough knitter to keep winter at bay for too long.

Which is why I’m glad these are coming along quite nicely.


There’s one completely finished, and the other is already halfway done.

As others before me have taken note, there is a special joy in looking at the inside of thrummed mittens, thrummed anything, really.


And I love the roving as well. My favorite is one of the middle chunks of roving. It looks like unicorn hair.


Well, at least these mittens nearly being done means that even though the winter is really and truly here, my hands will be superbly warm.


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