The Aftermath

Now Christmas is good and over. For another year at least. It leaves me with the sense that I’ll really have to start next year’s knitting now. Or maybe next week. This one is going to be a bit picture heavy to get everyone caught up, since the holiday meant a bit of radio silence.

The good and the bad. I didn’t end up finishing all of the socks. I did get the grey pair wrapped up and gifted for Christmas day, and the gloves from forever ago also went to their respective home. The blue pair is now, however, finished.


I finished these bad boys yesterday. I’m just glad to have them off the needles. Another pair on now, though.




Although, these ones are interesting, since there’s a lovely chart I get to follow. So it keeps me on my toes. I’m also kept on my toes by the learning of the magic loop method. I sort of dove into the deep end with this one and decided that upon first learning the method, that I’d go ahead and just do them two up. It was a bit more fiddly than if I’d tried to learn the magic loop with just one sock, but I definitely have the technique down now. It’s a good go to for sock knitting, but I honestly still think I prefer my double points. I do like this method for hats or other type of circular objects that I don’t want to get fifty million different lengths of circular needle for.

I got a nice little haul for Christmas as well.

Some Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks and three books I’ve been eyeing. I’m getting my knitting library rounded out. Nothing like a little EZ for some light reading.

Another project has made its way onto my needles as well.

I’m making thrummed mittens with my Shepherd’s Wool merino, and the roving I got last month. They are so soft. And it’s keeping me interested in my other knitting since I get to take mini breaks to thrum more floofies. I’ve been treating the floofies as a reward for getting a set amount of the chart knitted up.


All this sock knitting has also given me splitty fingers. It only hurts when I accidentally stab a 2.25mm needle into the split, then start shrieking in agony. I also managed to get a lovely amount of green food dye into one of the splits that only just recently all came out, no matter how many times I washed my hands.

Tomorrow, I intend to go to the yarn store and procure some more lace weight, I think. Or perhaps more roving. These thrums are growing on me.


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