Never Tell Me The Odds

That’s what I’m thinking when people think I’ve gone crazy with the Christmas knitting. And perhaps I have. The biggest set back I had was all of the homework. Damned school. I mean, it’s not like I’m paying to go there and have all my knitting time squandered, right? Wait…

Regardless! Here is an update on the sock front.


Exactly three socks totally done. This last one is testing my patience, however. I’m only 25 rows from finishing the leg though. I don’t think this one is going to make it for Christmas, but I’ll have one sock under the tree at least. Right?

This last sock has committed some pretty egregious crimes. First the damn skein took a dive on a plate of leftover ranch. I managed to perform emergency surgery and isolate the ranchy parts, saving everything but the outermost layer from contact. Then I took a damp paper towel and got off what had gotten on the skein, then patted it down dry enough with a clean paper towel. I was even able to keep knitting with it that same night, aside from the occasional crunchy bit. You can’t see it though, so it’ll wash right out the first time these go in the machine.

Next, the sock decided to test my patience by having an entire row that I needed to ladder down and fix because for some reason I went space cadet and instead of 3×3 rib I decided to just knit all the things.

And today when I picked it up, the working yarn decided to play a fun little game that I didn’t notice until I worked a full round and found this


The working yarn decided to wrap around the needle and leave a nice little loopy that meant that I had to tink back the whole row.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this sock didn’t want to be knit. We’ll see about that. I will not be bested by a damned sock.


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