Et tu, gauge check?

My gauge checker contraption, pictured here, is also a filthy lying liar pants.


See if you can figure out why. I’ll wait.

Well, enough waiting, I’m just going to tell you.

It’s a filthy liar because the numbers directly under both the US 9 and US 10 needle sizes are totally wrong in mm. This stupid piece of crap says that a size 10 needle should be 5.75mm. This would mean that when I attempted to double check my US10 addi turbo, that I was faced with a small dilemma. The damned thing wouldn’t fit. Curses.

I have verified with the packaging


and with the needle itself


This is in fact a 6mm circular needle. I have done a quick google search, and have since verified that the Skacel people are not in fact imbibing any kind of illegal substances that would make them think that a US10 needle was not 6mm if in fact it really wasn’t. They are correct. It is the Boye needle gauge checkers who are in fact wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And I won’t stand for this kind of injustice. I paid approximately $1 for this hunk of plastic and it doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to. (never mind that I get what I pay for). I only bought the stupid thing because my Susan Bates knit-chek was forever lost. Susan Bates never let me down, Boye, what makes you think you can jerk this knitter around? Huh?

Regardless of this small setback, I have dutifully (finally) swatched out the stitches which I plan to use in constructing some throw pillows.


This obviously isn’t the full design, but I was tinkering with the idea of a seed stitch outer edge versus a stockinette stitch one. The stockinette won. It’s beautiful and will mix in well with the stockinette back (because I’m too lazy to cable a side that most people won’t see when the pillow is on the couch). I wanted my pillow to be styled after an aran sweater. I love how the cables frolick with one another. It’s charming.

I wish the pillows weren’t going to be knit with acrylic, but I’m not spending a bunch of money on wool that my cats will just end up throwing up all over. No thank you. Especially since once I sew the bad boys up, they will be locked in. Forever.

On another note, I did manage to give the headband to the happy recipient who noted “It is soft!”


I think it looks fetching.



2 thoughts on “Et tu, gauge check?

  1. I can’t tell you how many times my elusive Susan Bates gauge checker has disappeared. Seems to be a trend among my knitter friends, as well… Boye, what nonsense are you up to?
    I would have gone with the cable/stockinette, too, great choice! The design will definitely show up well with the green yarn– it even matches your blog’s color scheme! 🙂

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