Yay, a knitting vacation. Not to say a vacation from knitting, so much as it’s finally winter break and I have boat loads of time to knit now. My schooling and my stress is finally done for the semester and I have a lovely three weeks of time to spend finishing Christmas presents and catching up on Doctor Who and Merlin with my honey.

I’ve spent this time productively getting my hair cut.


Here, pictured with said honey, who was being a doof.

Also, I packed some light holiday knitting


(code for this entire bag full with skeins and roving). I mean to be fair, its only the yarn for the sweater, the thrummed mittens,  the pillows, the glittens, the rest of the socks, plus honey’s socks, plus a little more for a pair for me, and the lace weight in case I wanted to start a wee lace project. It’s not that much. And totally not overpacking for three weeks. Definitely not. It’s just….variety. In case I get bored. (Nevermind I also packed my cross stitch). Okay, so I may have gone a little overboard, but that’s what I get for depriving myself for so long because of school. So. Yeah. Yarn. Who needs project monogamy anyways? (I told you guys a case of startitis was brewing)


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