Just keep knitting

Sing that one to the tune of “Just keep swimming” and you’ll have my life currently as the big beast of Christmas roars its ugly head in the distance. Sorry for the radio silence, between exams and the large amount of boring knitting I’m doing it didn’t seem like I had much of interest to add to the blog. But hereafter I show you the depths of my craziness.


This is the aggregate of sock knitting I have done thus far. These need to become two full pairs of socks before Christmas day. I am confident I will have at least one sock from each pair for gifting by then, but I’d like to just be done with it at that point. This isn’t even counting the other pair I have to make for my boyfriend for Christmas either. This is just for his family members. This also isn’t counting the two throw pillows I plan to make for my father, which are supposed to be done by this Saturday….and aren’t even cast on yet (nor pattern noted nor swatched out, I might add).

Meanwhile I’m fighting with school deadlines, living my life in the University library and generally just trying to keep from using my yarn as a tissue to gently weep into before slowly euthanizing myself by wool.

But hey, we broke open a pinata yesterday for no other reason than it was a pinata and we are in college. So…there’s that. That’s interesting right?


(pardon my appearance, I’m ten shades of crazy mixed in with a little bit of panic because of all the deadlines. Makeup falls to the background in these deadline induced situations)



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