I’ve been known from time to time to do things slightly…unconventionally. Like that time I tried to knit two socks in one, you all remember that fiasco right? Hahahaha…ahem.

So after finishing the first sock of the first pair, I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that the last bits of the ball would make excellent waste yarn for the rest of the socks. So I stuffed it in my knitting bag and didn’t give it another thought.

Sometime in between setting the socks down temporarily while I finished other Christmas gifts and packing the socks up for a weekend off campus, I totally forgot the purpose of this tiniest of skeins. So when I dumped the contents of my knitting bag out onto my bed, I did repack things like my scissors and my tapestry needles, my needle gauge and my tape measure. I did not however repack my waste yarn. I saw it, sitting all innocently in the pile of spilled contents and thought “oh, wow, you know what I’ll do? I’ll be totally organized and go put this back in the stash”. Lo, I proudly placed it in the stash, nodded to myself (feeling ever so smug that I had gotten the hang of this whole “putting things back where they belong” thing), and went on my merry way, socks in tow.

Well it just so happens that I finished the leg on the navy sock and needed that waste yarn for the instep stitches while I made the heel. I rooted through my knitting bag, ever am I  the prepared knitter, and came up empty handed. Then it all dawned on me, like a bolt of lightning crashing down on my feeble brain, and I will tell you that what came out of my mouth was not ladylike.

I then attempted to cannibalize the insides of the skeins of sock yarn that I do have, being loathe to chop off either of the working yarns and reattach them for a twelve inch piece of %^$@& waste yarn. So after nearly completely disemboweling the skeins I still couldn’t find the other end on either.

Then I spotted these, laying unobtrusively on my boyfriend’s floor.


I checked the thickness and was like AHA! I snipped the ear pieces off and ended up with a little rubber string like this


Which then became this


I am nothing if not resourceful. I will also confide that once while making a pair of socks, I didn’t have a tapestry needle, so I made clever use of a bobby pin to graft the toe closed. I will not be defeated by my knitting.


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