They see me knitting.

They hating. Not really, but I’ve seen an uptick lately of people who say “OMG. You’re knitting?!”. They then proceed to yank said needlecraft out of my hands and fondle it saying things like “Wow, I don’t have the patience” or “It’s so soft” or the dreaded “This seems like a lot of work, why don’t you just buy it from the store?” Oh silly silly non-knitters. They do not know our ways. They just don’t get it.

In other news, hat has happened.


One vanilla (or should I say cookies and cream?) beanie, finished, ends woven in and all, for the holidays. This one needed to be done for next Friday, and so it is. I’m quite pleased with it, even though I have a strange perception of what qualifies as “human head sized”. Apparently this fits the bill, as modeled by my lovely boyfriend.


He approves. He wants to steal it, since it fits him perfectly, but alas, tis not to be. I did tell him I could make him his own if he wanted a hat too. The things I knit for love.

And I’m back at the socks after our brief time apart. It feels strange but nice to be back knitting with such small needles after working on 6’s and 8’s for the last couple of weeks. I missed these plain socks. I am reinvigorated to finish.

Am I the only one with a wicked case of startitis on the horizon after Christmas? I can feel it brewing.


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