That’s what my latest project is. Plain. Vanilla. Stockinette.

I’m making a Christmas present for someone who thought that ribbing was even a tad too feminine. He only agreed that a standard hat should have it when I showed him what a rolled brim hat looks like. The lesser of two evils he conceded. Stripes are acceptable, so long as they aren’t “wild”.

So I proceeded to make up a swatch


In white of course, because I’m not going to make a rookie mistake. Doing a gauge swatch in the black in a dimly lit room and then expecting to not squint would be a feat, and I’m going to avoid the whole damn thing by just swatching in the white.

Then some pattern notes


My friend has a rather fat head, but luckily so does my boyfriend. I snatched up my boyfriend’s current hat that he says fits well and covers his ears and measured the sucker from the bottom of the fold up brim to the decreases. 7.5 inches. Therefore, if I have a 2 inch fold over brim, that’s 2 inches of 2×2 with 7.5 inches of vanilla stockinette.

Well, at least it’s not a sock for the time being. So there’s something to that I suppose.



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