Not Socks

Yes, be amazed. I’m going to show you something that isn’t another pair of the same socks for a change.


I started this lovely yesterday evening while watching netflix, and finished it today. It’s knit out of Knitpicks Swish worsted, 100% superwash merino on US 8 (5mm) straights.

It may be the soft thing I’ve ever knit. Take that wool haters.

It’s the perfect thing to spoil someone off of storebought knits forever. Which may or may not be to my detriment. Regardless! It’s so nice.

Also, I did promise a button close up.


I saw these buttons and knew that I had to have them. This was part of a pack of two. Which considering I only used one AND that the headband took just under half a skein, I’m sort of celebrating. I weighed the headband (pre button) and knit the remaining yarn, and was like “headbands for everyone!”.

These pictures don’t really do the beautiful grey justice though. So here’s one from while it was still on the needles in the daylight.


It’s so pretty. I could smoosh it on my face forever. That’s one more checkmark on my Christmas list. I knew this would be a fast knit so I’ve put it off for a bit to get some serious sock work done, but it’s nice to have it behind me.

Now onto this hat business.




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