In which I’m still knitting socks

I have finished the first sock of the first pair!wp-1449241662357.jpg

It’s so beautiful. And finished (except for the actual finishing). But that knitting’s done. So that puts me at 1 sock out of a full three pairs that I need. So I’m 50% done with this pair, 25% done with the two pairs of identical and 16.6% done with the all three. That’s progress right…?

Either way, I have cast on the second one. And I’m going to bum rush some other holiday knitting this weekend. It’s all worsted weight so I feel like it’s going to fly by in comparison to all the fingering weight. I will hopefully have a headband and hat to show you for interest by the end of the weekend. The headband is first on the list.

I’m also nearly finished with the leg on the first navy sock.


Yay, blue tube!

I’m hoping my other knitting will add some interest to this blog that knitting tubes just doesn’t. Plus hopefully the last pair (which isn’t a duplicate of the navy and grey socks) will also be slightly more interesting. It even has a design past 3×3 rib!


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