I’m coping

As if my knitting obligations weren’t stressful enough, I also have the added joy of trying to get through my multitude of classes. I have deadlines this week like no one’s business and I’m using knitting as my coping strategy. Work on my team paper, knit a few rounds, get some things put into my final presentation, knit a few rounds. It’s helping me to feel slightly sane in this insane week.

I’m just hoping I can get off of campus this weekend. Otherwise next weekend for sure. The only good thing about being at school right now is the internet speed.

I’m still knitting grey, but now I have a blue tube to add to the fray.


To keep me from going totally insane while knitting the foot of the grey (which is almost to the toe), I cast this on. I’ve been alternating ten rounds on both. So far this guy is almost halfway done with the leg. I think it makes knitting just that little bit faster if it’s not dull as all get out.

Also I find this hemisphere’s lack of sunlight disturbing. I get done with class and it’s dark. I’m missing prime sunlight hours here. I’ll be glad when the solstice is here and gone and we can start moving back towards the light times.

But in good news, I organized my stash!


I took about an hour and decluttered and rearranged my little balls of string. I arranged by weight primarily, but also by type. I put all the cotton together, all the acrylic together and the novelty yarn together. Then I put all my sock yarn in the same place, my natural fiber worsted, and my bulky yarns. With this kind of organization, I can tackle this week for sure. Wish me luck, anyways.


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