Binding off

Binding off and weaving in ends is like closure on a piece of knitting. You’re done, it’s over, and you can move on.


I found this beautiful scarf while sorting through some things in my room the other day. It was still on needles, but the length was there. Even though it was just an acrylic scarf I took it gingerly out the bag and thought what a shame it was that it wasn’t bound off when it was so close to finished. I did a very simple bind off and took it off the needles. This was one of the last projects my grandma worked on before she passed away. It feels like taking care of unfinished business to help turn this last WIP into an FO. I feel like it connects me to her, that she did the work and I helped her to carry it out. We both have stitches on this pretty scarf.

Some things just don’t hold value to other people. They would see this thin, delicate piece of knitting and think “it’s not even wool”, but to other people things can be treasures. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it earlier, but it was shoved into a plastic zip lock. If my grandma is a knitter like I in any way, then at one point this scarf was “it”. It was a project that she liked well enough to take the time to cast on and knit five and a half feet on. It may just be a piece of acrylic, but to me it’s like a time capsule. It takes me back to a time when my grandma was alive and well, knitting happily away.


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