Don’t look at the knitter behind the curtain

I am going to distract you. So you don’t question where the socks are (mostly because I couldn’t stand taking another boring picture of a grey sock). But rest assured, the sock is safe and I continue to work on it. I’ve also cast on the first of the navy socks on the new DPN’s. I’m working ten rounds of foot on the grey, ten rounds of leg on the navy, alternating between the two. I figure this way when the first grey is done I’ll have a good chunk of the navy started and so it will be slightly less overwhelming.

So distraction!


Yarn haul! I got only the tiniest bit carried away my LYS. I saw the yarn, and I panicked. I had to have it and before I knew what hit me, my card was on the table, and the skeins were on the swift.

I got 450 yards of Allegro Lace, a lace weight merino, up there in white. I want to make a pretty shawl for my boyfriend’s mom for mother’s day this year. It’ll be my first big lace project. I’ve been looking for a pattern and the charts scare me.

I got two more balls of the Berroco suede because they were on clearance and it’s a discontinued yarn, and…well I wanted it. I am going to make so many purses with all of the suede I have.

Also, some Cascade 220 Heathers in 9546, which is sadly discontinued as well.


It’s so pretty though. I don’t know what I’m going to make out of it, but it’s going to be good. I love color so much. It looks like the sea (which if I had bothered to look before typing this up I would have realized the colorway is actually called “Deep Sea” Well, they were right on the money, then.)

I also got some lovely grey wool, it’s Shepherd’s Wool and it’s made here in Michigan actually. It’s so soft. I’m going to use it with this roving I got to make a pair of thrummed mittens


This is a bunch of assorted roving that I got for $5 or so. It came as a set for “Needle felting or thrumming”. As far as I can tell it’s all wool, but I don’t think it’s all from the same kind of sheep. Some is softer than others, and that one in the middle has shiny bits in it. I figure I’ll thrum them from darkest to lightest.

This all makes me very very happy to continue knitting away at my Christmas list, because I know when I’m done I have some lovelies waiting for me.


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