Guess what I’m knitting

If you guessed socks still, you are correct. But I’m now doing different things! Not knitting miles and miles of leg.

Things like heel flaps


And turning heels


And even doing gusset decreases


I mean, c’mon guys, this is exciting stuff here. Ok, so it’s still grey, and it’s still one sock, but I’m making progress.

Also, I finished shopping for yarn for everyone else this holiday today. So I am rejoicing. Now all the fiber I get will (probably) be for me and the stash and not in one needle and off the next so to speak. I can actually take my time, get to know the new additions (which there may be some tomorrow). It’s small business Saturday tomorrow, and I plan on visiting a nice little yarn shop the next town over. I’m hoping to get some roving, maybe some worsted and perhaps even some sock yarn. I can see the fiber at the end of this knitting tunnel, and it feels good. I’m going to treat myself to some reward yarn, that I can only start on when I finish ALL of my Christmas knitting.

The good news, however, is that I have been informed by a credible source that I can be done with the Endeavor. Finito. No more dishcloths for this lady, at least until I choose to make more. My current stock of 7 will work just fine for the holidays. This takes a load off.

I also got some pretty buttons today for one of my Christmas projects. I’ll showcase them when I finish the project. And another pair of 2.25mm DPN’s. I figure that way I can have the navy cast on and if I’m in a difficult part of either sock (that I can’t do while walking) I can switch over and get some sock done. Plus the change of color will be nice (even if it’s dark as all get out)

Another thing I’ve been doing this break is formulating a plan for a birthday surprise for a friend. I’ve already wishlisted the yarn. This project doesn’t have to be done until the end of February, and all will be revealed in the fullness of time because if I told you all my secrets in one post you’d have no reason to come back.

Also, am I the only one who loves the light show you get with eye of partridge heel flaps?




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