Oh look, yarn!

As promised, I did say that I would show you pictures of the new sock yarn. I would have before, but artificial light just really doesn’t do it justice, so I had to wait until this morning.


It’s gorgeous. Very dark, and it’ll probably be a pain to see for that reason, but, man, my boyfriend knows how to pick some pretty yarn.

A glamour shot.


It looks like raven feathers. Dark blue, almost black, with hints of green.

And I even have a comparison shot so you can see the differences between the different colorways that I’m making socks out of for this Christmas.


There’s a funny story that goes along with retrieving this yarn from the mailbox. First, I checked with my apartment office to make sure they didn’t have it before they closed at 8pm on Monday night. They kindly informed me that, yes, the package must have been small enough to fit in my mailbox because they didn’t have it. So I went to my mailbox, put my key in, and tug. tug tug. TUG TUG TUG. My mailbox was jammed shut. I was quite beside myself with this revelation. I thought it was broken, until my boyfriend felt along the bottom seam and noticed a nice little buildup of ice. We just got our first snow last Sunday, and there was enough moisture collected on the ledges of our mailboxes that it had effectively frozen them shut. But the ice should have known that nothing can stand between me and yarn. You can take that knowledge to the bank. I quickly tore through my car, took my trusty ice scraper out and tore up that ice. I think my neighbors passing by must have been wondering what the hell I was doing. After that it was easy peasy to open up my mailbox and extricate my lovelies. Mine, all mine.

And clearly this whole post is an effort to not  bore you with more pictures of imperceptible-to-all-but-me sock progress. I’m nearly finished with the first leg (haha pun intended) of the sock. I’ll post more pictures when I’m doing something more exciting than knitting a tube, like turning the heel.


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