Socks galore.

I’m still knitting on the first of six socks (three pairs). And I’ve made some progress since yesterday


At this rate, I might be able to start on the second of this pair by the end of the holiday weekend.

It’s a very basic pattern, which is nice since I can zone and just knit, knit, knit. That being said, I am loving this colorway.


I know it may just look like boring old grey, but it’s a lovely warm heathered grey. It has flecks of red spun in with the grey that pop up and just make the whole sock come alive. I love it. Not to mention it’s so soft. I am fairly new to fine fibers, only having started working nearly exclusively with natural fibers and natural fiber blends in the last year, but this sock yarn is so great. The fact that I got it for so little is just icing. It makes the prospect of knitting so many socks before the holiday just a little more bearable.

I also got another two balls of Knitpicks Stroll in the mail last night. No pictures today, because I didn’t have the time this morning to photograph it, and it needs the sunlight to really do it justice. That just about wraps up  my yarn buying for the holiday knitting list, which is nice.

I also was weak, and after seeing the price of the Knitpicks 40″ cable needles I was just like “Shut up and take my money”. So I have a US1 (2.25mm) cable needle coming in the mail too. I don’t expect to get it until after the break, but I’ll be able to learn magic loop for the third pair of socks and hopefully be able to get those done in a flash.

Also, as an aside, you really have to question your intelligence a bit when, whilst attempting to rub the sock progress on face because the yarn is so soft you manage to stab yourself in the corner of the eye with a 2.25mm DPN. I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, really? You didn’t see that as a possible hazard? Genius.



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