The natural order

The most basic and traditional sock knitting dictates that you

A)Knit your sock on DPN’s and B) only knit one sock at a time.

I attempted to mess with the natural order of things on the second account. I thought that I was much smarter than the wool, that I could bend it to my will. Wool be damned, I was going to start a revolution.

Well, it sure showed me.

After a grueling five rounds of socks (where I managed to get a rather spectacular cramp in my oft unused left hand), I went to pull the socks apart to show someone how they were two separate socks and lo, I had managed to splice the two together on an entire needle about three rows down. After a desperate and failed attempt to ladder down these stitches (which was too painful and frustrating to photograph), I got rather angry with the socks. After the customary slew of cursing directed at said double knit socks, I pulled the needles out and ripped the whole damn thing back. Such was my anger that I threw the whole pile of yarn in the corner for the night. That would show it.

So the next day, after my anger had been quelled slightly I resigned myself to my fate. I still needed two pairs of socks for Christmas, and two pairs I would have, double knitting or not. I comforted myself with the thought that I can knit a single sock rather quickly when I want, so this would probably be faster than learning a difficult and new technique anyways. I cast back on my stitches, and after a good inch or so of solid work I realized that this would make a very good sock if my recipients were small children, not grown men. I was operating under some sort of delusion that I wasn’t getting 8 stitches to the inch (even though I know that I am), and had cast on roughly 2/3’s of the stitches needed.

So I ripped back. Again. And cast on. Again. This time with the requisite amount of stitches. I hope. This is where I’m at. I don’t think I have the strength to rip it back if it needs it this time.


It’s 78 stitches. Good enough. I’ll just be over in the corner muttering to myself “I love knitting. I love knitting. I love knitting.” if you need me.


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