I’m probably crazy

I have finished the hat!


That’s one more present down for the holidays. Which means I’ve started working with my pretty things.

I’m also slightly crazy. I have to make three pairs of socks before Christmas. So in my infinite wisdom (and limited wallet) I decided that rather than get a cable needle for magic loop, I would use what I have (ie one set of US 1 (2.25mm) DPN’s. This posed a dilemma since two of the socks were going to be the exact.same.pattern. The thought of second sock syndrome, not once, but twice was too much to bear.

So I’ve decided to do what any broke and slightly irrational knitter would do in my situation. Knit both pairs at the same time. One inside the other.


Here is where I transferred all 132 stitches from both cast ons to one needle.


Here is where I spread those stitches onto 3 DPN’s. I find it helps to just not breathe during this whole process.


Joining in the round (thank god I made sure it wasn’t twisted). Followed by the most fiddly knitting I have ever encountered. 132 stitches of 3×3 rib, trying my damndest not to drop any of the cast on stitches off on accident.

I’m hoping that once I get a few more rounds down that the knitting will settle down (like most knitting does after those fiddly rounds). I’m doing a combination of continental and english knitting, sort of like  color work to get the double knitting done. The only downside is that I have to constantly move yarn A (basalt heather) back to the front and yarn B (navy) to the back. This is where the combination of techniques is the most helpful. It’s still fiddly, but at the end I’ll have 1 sock from each pair done and I’ll only have to face the “second” sock one time.

I’m only a little crazy right?


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