Just let me play with my pretties

I’m almost done with the Cable and Eyelet hat! I’ve finished the bulk of the hat, now I just have to shape the top.


I took this this morning before I had quite finished the body of the hat, but the elongated cables and eyelets are so pretty. And the hat is super soft. Which is probably why it’s knitting up so fast. But not fast enough.

I got my yarn in yesterday. And it’s so beautiful. So yarn haul!

Two balls of Wool of the Andes Coal and one of WotA in Cloud. One ball of Swish in Cobblestone Heather, and four balls of Stroll  with two in Navy and two in Basalt heather.


It’s like a still life. I love my piles of yarn. Everything is so soft I’ve just taken to rubbing the merino on my face a little. And I want to play with my pretty things already. So I’m working fervently away at the hat.

I also ordered another two balls of the Stroll sock yarn for my boyfriend. Since his sweater is nowhere near finished and I have another hat, a headband, two throw pillows, and two pairs of socks to finish before Christmas, I’m adding another pair of socks so he won’t get totally shafted. And since I’m poor and Stroll is $3.48 a skein on sale, compared to $25 for STR, I’ll put off pricey yarn purchases until I’m less poor. At least it’s still merino. So there’s that.

I’m just excited I can finally start on the bulk of my Christmas knitting.


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