Instant Gratification

The blog has been pretty boring lately, with the Endeavor, so here’s some different FO’s. I was right about how long it would take to finish the infinity scarf.


And while I was at it, I cranked out a matching hat.


I still have half a skein of Thick and Quick left over too. One more Christmas present for the pile. Only a lot left to go. I’m trying to get the presents I already have the yarn for done now, before I get my shipment in the mail to make even more presents. I think it’s the three pairs of socks that’s going to really get me.

After I finished the hat last night, I cranked a few rows out on MFS. Going from super  bulky yarn to a DK weight was kind of trippy.

And this afternoon, I finally finished the Dishcloth that shall not be named


It really just took some stick-to-it-iveness. And now it’s done. Finito. And I never have to do that pattern again, according the Mighty Endeavor’s rules. This brings the official tally up to 6 complete dishcloths.

Dishcloths are fairly easy, and the variety is nice. I’m not totally sick of the cotton yet. But I think I will be…


This is all the cotton I have left to knit. It’s going to be a long endeavor. And a lot of dishcloths.


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