I shall not falter

I do have more dishcloths for you. Or at least one more full one. The one I’ve been working on has sort of lost my interest. I’m just taking a temporary break from the Endeavor though. I still have gratuitous amounts of cotton to knit up.


This one is supposed to be lace leaves, but the double yarn over kills my speed so I’m rather lackluster about finishing it.

I did finish this one though


And I started another Easiest Christmas Gift Ever scarf

This is what it looked like this morning


And here’s an update of what it looks like right now


It’s already over halfway done. See, once I got these aluminum 15’s, I’m cooking. My clovers just weren’t a match for the wool, but over the metal this project glides. I’ll probably have this one done by the end of the day. I still have to make a hat to go with it, but I’ll at least have one present knocked down for Christmas.

I also ordered the Christmas yarn from Knitpicks yesterday, so I’m pretty excited for that. At least until it arrives and I have to start making the presents. I’m just hoping my hands can keep up with what I think I can do. There’s always that disconnect where I totally overestimate how much knitting I can really get done, especially with finals coming up.

I went to the doctor on Thursday as well. Turns out I sprained my plantar fascia pretty bad, so I’m off of my feet until Tuesday. It really gives me respect for those who have to deal with this every day, and not just temporarily like me. But at least it gives me some quality time with my knitting and my Netflix. Hopefully I can really knock out some projects in the meantime.


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