Hey, look, a dishcloth!


And another one!


I’m still chugging away at the Endeavor. Working on a yellow one now.

I was quite busy with homework yesterday, contributing to the lack of blogginess.

But I come bearing good news and bad news.

The good news is that I don’t have anymore roommate problems. Partly because I don’t have a roommate for the time being. That’s subject to change should the housing department see fit to put a new girl in the empty room. But currently, I am a free agent. I can knit and play my guitar as I please. The possibilities!

The bad news is, that for all I make up for in my knitting skill I totally lack in the whole coordination thing. I believe I have sprained my ankle. It doesn’t look swollen per se, but it hurts like a mother. So, darn, looks like I’ll just have to sit around for a while. I wonder what ever I’ll do with myself and all this sitting time?

So, dishcloths, amirite?


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