Cotton for Days (Another one bites the dust)

I have started the Endeavor.

Also I finished the socks in the wee hours of the morning.


Here I am, attempting to make my knitting look artistic, but really succeeding in making my footsies cold on the concrete through the woolen socks. But hey, those are some good looking socks right?

They are basically identical. Everything but the damn heel. The second heel decided it just had  to be different than its twin. So basically identical. The socks caught up with one another and I was stunned to find that regardless of the heel being radically different, the two both ended in the navy. Knitting is weird.

Anyways, back to the Endeavor.


I started the snowdrop at roughly 9:10am, and finished the Reverse Mitre at about 9:30pm. I had a full day of classes, so you’ll forgive me for only getting TWO WHOLE projects done in a twelve hour span. Oh yeah, instant gratification. Feels good.

I’m trying to alternate between “hard” and “easy” patterns so I can just crank them out, but also so that I won’t absolutely die of boredom. So far, my hands seem to be responding well to the cotton. I know a lot of people have problems, but I am young and strong like bull. I think I can prevail for the time being.

Well, off to go cast on another. This should make interesting blog fodder (because I won’t be showing you roughly the same amount of sweater every day)


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