A mighty endeavor

So, after I finish the Simple Skyp socks and to kickstart some of my Christmas knitting (and while I’m waiting for the funds to both order and then wait for my yarn to come in the mail), I have decided to do a stash-busting endeavor.


Dishcloths as far as the eye can see. Dishcloths for days. I’m going to be dishcloth oprah. You get a dishcloth, you get a dishcloth, EVERYONE GETS A DISHCLOTH!

I have a ton of cotton that I inherited that I have no other purpose for than to become dishcloths for the masses (at least the masses at my boyfriend’s extended family holiday party is concerned).

I only have a few rules regarding this endeavor, this is to speed along the endeavor as time is of. the. essence.

  1. All knit flat.
  2. No repeated patterns (to keep me sane, in this insane endeavor)
  3. All should eventually be what I would consider “square”
  4. Only one color (or colorway should it be variegated) per cloth. Saves on weaving in ends.

I just have a mighty urge to knit dishcloths. I’m sure this is probably the byproduct of knitting large projects that take a considerable amount of time, and once the novelty of instant gratification wears off I’ll be back to other projects. But I’ll also have a ton of stocking stuffer gifts on hand.

Dishcloths, man.


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