Don’t mess with my pointy sticks

I think people underestimate how much knitting needles can hurt. I’ve had puncture wounds where the sock needle has stuck out of my leg at a 90 degree angle all on its own before. The needles are not to be tested.

But still, people see me knitting and think it’s sooooo cute. Case in point, yesterday I took my knitting with me to a lovely drinking establishment, and a guy was threatening one of my friends. I would liked to have seen him try. Knitters are not to be trifled with. We are a force to be reckoned with, and our needles are just one of our myriad defenses. I definitely feel safer with some sock knitting whenever I need to walk by myself at night, that’s for sure.

Speaking of socks


I’m working on these bad boys again. I’m hoping to get them off the needles so I can order the Christmas present yarn with impunity. I’m about halfway done with the leg at this point, and they seemed to fly by after this point on the first sock.

Also this


Sorry for the dark picture. Lighting in bars is terrible. But this was taken right after I finished knitting the first ball and had just attached the second. It looks like I’m getting about 4.75 inches of length out of each ball for the front and back. With this knowledge I estimate it will take a little over 5 balls to finish the back. I have 18. I am pleased with this knowledge.


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