I’m getting paranoid about MFS 2.0, mainly because I was comparing it to 1.0 and it seemed to be wider one second and then the same size the next. I wasn’t sure which to trust. And the thought of having to rip it back a third time really makes something inside me want to cry. BUT, I think I’m good. I think it’s just how the alpaca drapes that gives it wonky measurements when I’m not being careful.


Three whole inches knit up on MFS 2.0, next to the mangled remains of 1.0. I’m trying to average about an inch a day during the week and 2 inches a day during the weekend.

Also, sock number two for interest. I’ve been working on that one while I listen to lecture since it might be a bit obvious to my professor that I wasn’t paying full attention if I pulled out part of a sweater. The socks I can knit under the table without having to look at them too often.

I’ve also made some plans regarding my Christmas knitting list.

I’m going to make another infinity scarf for my dad’s girlfriend, possibly a hat as well since I have three full skeins of the Thick and Quick

I’m also going to acquire some “Socks that Rock” in the colorway “In the Navy” next time I get paid. This is my first “fancy” sock yarn purchase. I usually knit with Patons Kroy, and lately it’s been the discontinued Lion Brand Magic Stripes from my stash. I’m kind of excited and I hear good things. I’m wondering if I need two skeins. I hope not. They’re expensive. I’m hoping to get a deal from ravelry as it is. My fingers are crossed. Anyways, this yarn will hopefully become another nice pair of socks for my boyfriend since I don’t want him to get totally shafted by the gift on the needles curse. I don’t know if I can get MFS 2.0 done by Christmas day or not.

I’m also going to use the leftover baby alpaca from the lacy gloves and knit a matching hat for my boyfriend’s mom.

I’m going to use the comical amount of cotton I have in the stash to knit dishcloths like crazy as stocking stuffers/small gifts to take to his extended family’s Christmas party.

I also have to get some black wool (possibly knitpicks swish or knitpicks wool of the andes, haven’t decided) to make one of my guyfriends another hat. Ribbed foldover cuff and plain stockinette for the rest with a couple stripes of white to keep me from developing a twitch for contrast.

I need to get some more swish for a friend. I’m making her a cute headband/earwarmer/thing.

Also probably more socks if I can manage for my boyfriend’s dad, his brother and my brother. I’ll probably just get some Kroy for that though. I can afford that.

I still have no idea what to knit my dad. He had bandied about (apparently in jest, but I didn’t know at that time) regarding a pair of knitted slippers, but that’s off the table now. The man won’t wear socks, sweaters, hats or scarves. I’m at the end of my rope. I don’t have money for fancy electronics. My mom isn’t much better.

Yarn is love for me, so it sucks having parents who want nothing to do with one of my favorite (and most useful) pastimes.


2 thoughts on “Paraknitia

    1. That’s actually a really good idea! Pillow forms are cheap and I have some acrylic I’ve been looking to get out of the stash. Maybe some cabled throw pillows. Genius!


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