Giving it away

Am I the only one who noticed how, and I’m speaking of this purely from a first world knitting as a luxury standpoint, some of us as knitters love the craft so much that we actually are almost required to give away our art? I love knitting, but if I only knit for myself I’d have a few drawers way too full of socks, more hats and mittens than I could manage, and more scarves than I could wear in a lifetime. I knit so much that it only makes sense to give it to those around me that I love, as a sign of my affection.

Of course, I do my due diligence with each and every ball of yarn. I have a nice sit down and say, “now, you know that I’ll still love you either way, but would you like to stay here with me, or would you like to go warm someone else who needs it far more than I?” And of course some balls can’t stand to be parted with me, but others make the noble decision to go to my loved ones. “Dear, dear knitter, you will always hold a special place in my stitches, but I have to go fulfill my higher wooly calling.” I don’t begrudge those balls, because I know they are going out and reaching their fullest potential.

On another note (sorry about the random musings), I may be influencing the next generation. Before I finished the infinity scarf yesterday I was walking and one of the girls in my class group had brought her daughter with her. The little girl saw me knitting, looked up at my group mate and said “Mommy, what is she doing?”

Her mother explained that I was knitting and I told her that I was turning all of this string into a scarf. Her eyes lit up and she looked back at her mom and said (quite enthusiastically), “Mommy, can I do that too?” It warms my heart. (She’ll be a knitter yet).

And speaking of the scarf


This is all that I had left of the second skein after I was done knitting it up. Cutting it a little close, right? I opted to do the crochet cast off, which has a lovely tutorial here.

And without further ado, the infinity scarf (aka the easiest Christmas gift ever)


It’s so soft and fluffy, like a marshmallow or something. Once I switch from the Clover needles to the metal ones, the whole thing just flew by. I love big yarn and I cannot lie.

Anyways, I’m off to go solve underwater crime.



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