I’m knitting in the rain

Well, I’m trying to at least. It’s getting my knitting rather damp in the process. But I shall prevail.


I’ve been sock-spired, so to speak. I’m at least halfway done with the foot by now. But this is still the first sock, so only time will tell if I actually get a finished pair. But I’m hopeful.

Also I have a mystery bag!


What could possibly be in the mystery bag praytell?

Why these of course!


10″ dpns! YAY! Now I can knit hats on double points with wild abandon. I even have them in US 9’s [5.5mm] so I can knit this one hat I’ve been dreaming of making. I have addi turbos for switching to magic loop if need be for the upper size. I also have them in US 4 [3.5mm] so I can make a hat in the same gauge as the gloves for my boyfriend’s mom’s Christmas present. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and there are a pair of US 15 [10mm] straight needles in the pile too. Which is good since the Clovers were killing me on knitting the infinity scarf. (I kept accidentally getting the stitch I was supposed to slip caught underneath the two I was supposed to brioche knit together. Yay mistakes in brioche!)

I have my professor to thank for her generous contribution to my addiction.  She is a god send to the broke college knitter.

Speaking of which, I appear to have made a new friend (and possibly inspired her to knit socks) today while I was walking back after class. She saw me knitting, asked what I was working on, and we proceeded to have a lengthy discussion (even involving my boyfriend) about the charms of knitting. She.gets.it. I talked about having to frog the MFS and she understood exactly. We got on about the horrors of acrylic and the wonders of fine fibers. I enlightened her on some sock tomes she should check out and she told me about her mitten adventures. And we both wondered why there wasn’t a better knitting club on campus.


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