Socks before beauty

In my infinite wisdom I neglected to carry the other skein of Wool Ease with me to work on the infinity scarf (see what I did there?). So sock progress! I’ve been walking about with it all day and it’s grown on me again. At least there’s some progress somewhere, right?

I’m officially at the heel flap. The pattern is calling for heel stitch, but I’m like nah, bruh. Eye of partridge is where it’s at. Luckily, the heel flap extends for 32 rows, which is perfect since the EOP heel flap is based on multiples of four rows. Excellent, it’s all coming together. Plus, I’m really digging on the self striping. We’ll see how it goes over the gusset.

Also, I finished the gauge swatch

Please disregard the inanimate objects I used to keep the gauge swatch from curling in on itself.

I’m getting by my count (and I’ve done several, just to be sure), 6.25 stitches and 8 rows to the inch [2.5 cm] on US3 [3.125mm] needles. Taking that into account I drew up a little schematic based on my hand measurements.

Is it just me or am I on an alpaca kick. An alpakick? Either way, alpaca for days. It’s so soft.

I’ve also started the chart for the front of the mitten

If anyone is wondering, I’m taking the basic idea for the glittens from this pattern by Kathy Cochran. I’ve modified it from the color work that she has going on because I’m a huge fan of cables. I love cabled mittens. I also like being able to use my fingers. This is the best of both worlds. I just sort of studied some aran pullover pictures and picked some cables that seemed to go together. Hopefully they turn out. I’m excited for the results. Just need to finish that darned scarf.


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