A bit of a snag

That’s what I’ve hit. Just a teeny weeny snag, really, in the grand scheme of things. I left campus for the weekend to come home and forgot to pack the next skein for this

So, it’s languishing on the needles until I get back home tonight. I told you all it knits up quick. I do finish projects, though, I promise.

In other news, upon arriving home I decided to get my stash out of hiding and take it back to school with me

Yeah, not super impressive  (yet), but it’ll do. Don’t be fooled, much of this is acrylic. I do have more, but this is what I deemed worthy to bring with me. I’m sure I can find a use for some of this yarn eventually. I spent about three hours Friday night untangling myself from that big tote. I found some WIP’s that I hated (and wondered what the hell I had been thinking), and either frogged and saved them or cut them out of my life completely if they chose to be difficult.

I visited a lovely yarn shop while I was home as well. I was among my people. I went in, and no sooner had I asked if she had a 40 inch Size 5, she asked if I wanted that in Chia Goo or Addi Turbo. (I also may have found the clearance section)

Pictured here are the Turbo Rockets (keep your fingers crossed that these will do the trick, since I’m short on both money and patience. I really want to get a move on MFS), with three balls of Dale Evans Berrocco Suede that I inherited from my grandmother’s stash when she passed, and two balls of Suede that I found in the clearance section for 30% off ($10 for both). Since I couldn’t find two more balls in the colorway I wanted, I have decided to make stripes. For what you ask? Well this bag, of course.I figure I’ll do the bottom in the off white, the top middle in the navy, and finish the bag (and wrap it around the purse handles) with the pink. I really thought I had more of the white to do the bag in a solid, but I can improvise. Not sure when I’ll get that on the needles. I’m trying to get my WIP’s down a bit.

I also spent about two hours winding this into a center pull ball.

30 minutes of actual winding, with about an hour and a half of fending off cats, untangling from said cats, and picking out vegetable matter. Yup, 250 yards of handspun alpaca. This comes from a lovely alpaca ranch in Tustin, MI. I loved it was a giant pain in my ass the authenticity of picking out the VM from the 2-ply sport weight while I wound it. I was covered in grass and straw bits when all was said and done, but isn’t it pretty? It’s destined to become a pair of convertible glittens. I’m thinking cables. Making a gauge swatch currently, and using it as incentive to finish the infinity scarf.

Also for comic relief in this giant mess of a post

Yes, this is an excessive amount of fun fur. No, I’m not taking it with me to school. Yes, I did use my pom pom maker to fashion a giant, shedding, tribble-resembling monstrosity. It was awful, and hilarious, but I don’t recommend it unless you like cleaning. This box is some more of my grandma’s stash. I don’t know what her obsession with fun fur was, and at this point I’ll never find out. All I can do is wonder what she was plotting.


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