Boom, Christmas.

While I’m agonizingly waiting for my new needles to come in the mail taking a break from MFS, I’ve decided to knock out some Christmas knitting. Might as well, since I’ll probably get this one done by the time my needles get here.

I present to you, the Easiest Christmas Gift

If you have any teen girls or stylish women in your Christmas queue, this is it. A knit gift that they’ll love to wear while they sip their Pumpkin Spice Latte, or Chai Latte (or whatever they’re drinking in December)

Step 1: get big yarn (bulky [5] or super bulky [6]). It’s kind of like big hair, only better. And get some big needles. Size really does matter. I knit that first one from bulky weight on US13 [9mm] needles, and this new one is super bulky weight on US15’s [10mm].

Step 2: Cast on an even number of stitches, you don’t want a huge number unless you plan to make this a sleeping bag. Shoot for 20-28 depending on the size of your yarn and needles.

Step 3: Brioche stitch until you start to feel that aneurism develop on your brain. I used this tutorial, and I knit it for about 60 inches [152cm].

Step 4: Cast off, sew ends together (helpful if you left a long tail from the cast on edge). You can sew together straight or you can twist the ends. Doesn’t matter. Just make that sucker a big loop.

Step 5: Celebrate.

That’s my game plan for the next couple of days. I’ll probably take another project with me for when I get this one done. I don’t imagine it’ll take me the whole weekend. It’ll be enough to take the edge off my failure as a knitter.


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