To Frog or Not to Frog (That’s the question)

Since my last dalliance with the blog, I’ve actually received feedback on MFS from Bruce Weinstein himself. Turns out, this sweater is going to need a little bit of drape for a guy like my boyfriend (who has a little more for the lovin’). And the sweater I’m currently making is not going to have that kind of drape or ease. It should be at least 4 inches of positive ease and I’m getting 2 currently (barely, I might add). So with heart heavy, I’m ordering a new pair of circs this time in US 5 since apparently I have a really tight gauge. I just don’t want to keep dropping a bunch of money on circular needles (It’s an investment, I know) when I just want a sweater already. What’s a knitter to do? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that these will get me the gauge I want.

To distract from my abject failure, I’ll put up a little something for #TBT


Yes, that is in fact an intarsia D-20. Not as structured as I wanted, but it is pretty much on point other than that. Combining knitting and table top RPG’s you say? Madness! I knit this for his 22nd birthday last year and we found it when we visited his house yesterday. We also pulled out his lovely winter scarf (pictures to come). I think any Whovians on the blog will be a little geeked when they see it.

I’m making progress on the socks, and they’re helping me lick my knitting wounds so to speak. I think I’m going to cast on another brioche infinity scarf, like the one I’m wearing from sweetest day. It’ll be a Christmas present for my friend, and should hopefully tide me over on big knitting until the new needles come in the mail. Plus the yarn was cheap. I got 2 skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick from Jo-Ann Fabrics for like $12 (just don’t let my friend know the acrylic content). Going to knit it up on some lovely US13 Takumi circs I actually had laying around.

Wish me luck in reconstructing MFS with the new needles.


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