Crushing Obligations

I am making progress on MFS

Currently up to 6.5 inches of 26 on the first side. I have also for variety’s sake (so I’m not constantly posting the same boring pictures) cast on this lovely thing

A sock, yay instant gratification knitting. I really liked the pattern, both the simplicity and the little bit of constrast. Just enough to keep me from banging my head on the wall. I’m going to use this as my travel/walking knitting. Once MFS gets a little bit bigger it’s going to start being a bit unwieldy. Not good for on the go knitting.

Also my life seems to have started spiraling violently out of my control. Too much homework, too many bills, not enough time. But I’m sure I’ll manage. It’s just temporary, it’s just temporary, it’s just temporary. How many times should I say it before I start believing it? I’ll just nervously knit over here to ease the tension.


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