It’s alive! (well sort of)

Yesterday after a long day of knitting through my Friday classes (hey, I’m doing fine, no big deal right?), I finally have MFS (My First Sweater) cast on.


I’ve heard that you should use stitch markers when you’re casting on a large number of stitches. Since I normally only cast on like 60 or even 90 tops (for hats for my fat headed boyfriend), my definition of “large number of stitches” is pretty much anything over 100. What this says about my counting skills I won’t dignify with an answer. Here we have my masterful long tail cast on, where I only had possess the ability to count to ten (17 if you count me counting the counted stitch markers…count.) I also might add, that while this was a wonderful method for keeping me on track, I have to remember to put the markers back in their damned container. I learned that if  you don’t, they will decide to spill out of the cell phone pocket on your purse that you decided was the perfect storage container for the 17 stitch markers and then you will spend the next five minutes searching like an idiot on the floor where they decided to make a break for it. You may not find all of them, you may not collect $200.

Either way, this sweater is the same on both front and back so I’m knitting up 175 stitches for 26 inches (twice). Since I made such marvelous progress yesterday, I’m thinking, how long could this really take? The rest of my life, I’m going to die and this sweater will still be sitting there mocking me. Sure I can have it done by Christmas, honey!


Today is sweetest day, and what sweeter way to spend it but sitting inside, ignoring my boyfriend while I knit him a gigantic sweater? (but hey, we’re going out for lunch later, so it’s ok)


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