Testing, testing (not just my gauge)

So I’ve been inspired to make up a blog to chronicle all things in my life crafty. This should be an interesting experiment to see how I improve, both knitting and writing wise.

I don’t have anything on the needles yet…but I’m getting ready to cast on my very first sweater. I even have all of my yarn. Yeah, 18 skeins of baby alpaca (it only cost me my soul)

This is serious business. I think this finally makes me a really real knitter. I’m knitting sweaters now, for heaven’s sake. Goodbye are the days where I had to fantasize about all the problems I would have knitting a sweater, now I get to experience them first hand. I feel like it’s being part of some super secret knitting club. Are there super secret knitting clubs? Can I join? Double secret knitting?

Back to business, I have officially done the most proper thing I could do in this situation. Make my gauge swatch. And of course I did the next thing I could think of, knit it for about an inch to sort of get row gauge and then cast off because, damn it, I just want to start on the sweater already!

This sweater is for my lovely boyfriend, who while being charming and handsome is also rather stocky. Not as stocky as some, but the man does have a solid chest measurement of 45″. He also has a fat head (not relevant, but true all the same), coming in at 24″.

Also getting ready to cast on some lovely socks using some Lion Brand Magic Stripes. This is going to be my “I should be paying attention to this lecture” knitting. And my “Walking to class and attempting to avoid that sign” knitting. It’s this nice purply self striping, and I’m thinking of doing this pattern or possibly this one. I haven’t decided yet. Both call to me.

Anyways, this knitter is out for now. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more to report tomorrow.


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